Our Most Popular Areas So Far This Year 2024

Our Most Popular Areas So Far This Year 2024

Here are our ten most popular areas where residents have been interested in purchasing private health insurance:


  1. Old Portsmouth – Known for its historical significance.
  2. Southsea – Particularly around the areas near the seafront and South Parade and Southsea.
  3. Drayton – A residential suburb known for its large, detached houses and good schools.
  4. Cosham – Especially around the northern parts, close to the golf course.
  5. Eastney – Particularly the areas near the marina and Eastney Beach.

Isle of Wight:

  1. Cowes – Known for its sailing clubs, regattas, especially in the areas near the waterfront.
  2. Ryde – The western parts of Ryde, near the Esplanade and the beaches.
  3. Bembridge – A village known for its beautiful coastline, popular with retirees.
  4. Yarmouth – A picturesque town with a harbour, attracting individuals and families looking for scenic properties.
  5. Shanklin – Particularly around the Old Village and the coastal areas, known for its charming cottages.

These areas are currently the most popular with people preferring the convenience and advantages of private health insurance.

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